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Inspiring change in people and organisations for a happier, healthier world



Do you want to develop your leaders and future leaders to enable people and results to thrive? 

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Too many people feel stuck or have that nagging feeling that something isn't right. It stops them living the life they want and the life they deserve. 

My passion is to help motivated people from all walks of life, whether that be individuals seeking greater fulfilment, or companies who want to inspire change, find clarity, courage and drive to build an environment in which they thrive.

With this comes more optimism, increased productivity, the ability to better manage change and higher resilience.

If everyone realised their potential and were happier and healthier, what a world that would be!



Are you feeling stuck?  Have that nagging feeling that something isn't right? I can help you get clarity on your goals, to live the life you want and the life you deserve.



Has your company lost momentum? Stuck in old ways of thinking and performing? I can help you inspire change and create a environment where people and results thrive. 


Hi, I'm Michelle

Qualified executive coach, former HR Director and mum to two energetic boys, with a passion for inspiring change and growth in people and organisations. My passion is to help motivated people from all walks of life, whether that be individuals seeking greater fulfilment, or companies who want to inspire change, find clarity, courage and drive to build an environment in which they thrive.

I’ve helped clients to secure promotions, take on new roles, deal positively with redundancy, launch and grow businesses, create healthier habits, overcome fears, grow their confidence and become happier than they have been in years!

Organisations I've worked with have increased engagement, productivity and flexibility, developed leaders, enhanced the health and wellbeing of their staff and created cultural change.

With 20+ years in HR and the majority in global pharmaceuticals, I've worked where the environment is fierce, the expectations high, the pace of change incredible. I helped reshape and re-energise organisations, re-engage teams and employees, increase performance and wellbeing and develop leaders. I was a leadership team member, HR site lead, people manager and confidante. I juggled a demanding career and family and suffered burnout.

I now combine all of my experience, passion and expertise to inspire people and organisations to thrive.

The more inspired, happy and healthy people there are in the world, the happier and healthier the world will become.

What you or your organisation need is unique to you. We'll identify what needs to change and create a plan for you to gain momentum and see results.


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"The role still has its pressures however, I now spend less time at work (and less time working at home) partly helped by a renewed focus on my fitness – with nearly a stone lost in 6 months! My overall attitude at work is very much more positive. Without the professional coaching sessions with Michelle I don’t think I would be in this much improved position or would have achieved the outcome quite so readily. SJ secured a promotion after working with me. "


"Before meeting Michelle I felt a bit lost. I knew I wanted to change careers and was already in the process of retraining, but couldn’t see how I was going to turn that idea into a reality. And somehow since then an opportunity arose that I felt I could nurture and then take. I’m now a freelancer and working in an industry that I’m passionate about. I am happier now that I have been in years! "

Project Manager

"Michelle is an excellent “people” person. I can’t imagine there is a human being on this earth who Michelle would not be able to win over. You feel very relaxed in her company which makes it easier to open-up."

Mrs R Marketing - CEO

"Michelle enabled a drastic growth in my confidence through her collaborative approach, listening to my concerns and helping me find my own solutions to difficult or new situations I found myself dealing with. Michelle was extremely motivating and inspiring through this approach, listening and giving advice that was tailored to me not “off the shelf”. I still regularly find I refer back to our sessions together and think “what would Michelle ask me?” and in considering this question, I am able to find solutions and feel confident in my own decisions"

Emily Fairhall
Head of HR

"I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat, I met some amazing people in my fellow participants and we found a common bond quickly. There were tears and laughter beautifully facilitated by Michelle. I found myself with a focus I had struggled to achieve on my own through the exercises we completed and the 1:1 coaching session with Michelle. "

Director/Owner - Orchid Coaching & HR

"Michelle’s personal coaching helped me enormously during a very busy transitional period within my organisation that involved a significant role change personally. Her excellent listening skills, understanding of the challenges and passion for offering practical tools tailored to me were invaluable in helping me transition. By asking the right questions Michelle gave me the time to reflect, focus and prioritise on what was important resulting in my confidence growing making me more effectiveness in the workplace!"

Senior Manager

"Michelle has excellent communication skills and her ability to listen actively promoted open dialogue in 1:1, team and leadership settings. She was able to quickly identify key pieces of information and confirm mutual understanding in an empathetic way that her colleagues felt totally at ease with. Based on this common understanding of the key issues, Michelle offered focused guidance and suggestions in a supportive and persuasive manner; consistently helping her colleagues to find very positive and relevant outcomes."

Senior Director

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