Top 5 Reasons Why Performance and Wellbeing Coaching is Essential to Leaders in Pharma

leadership Oct 04, 2020

As an HR Leader in global pharma, you’ll be well aware of the leadership challenges. The environment is fierce. The expectations high. The pace of change incredible.

As a former HR leader in pharma, I’ve seen challenges with pressure to control costs of medicines, expiring patents, growing and shrinking R&D pipelines, pressure to control medicine costs, shrinking budgets, M&A, scrutiny from Health Authorities, the declining industry market perception from patients and consumers…and much more...that’s only skimming the surface of the internal impacts they have on all functions. Inevitably, the expectations upon leadership have continually increased and the bar has been consistently raised.

You’ll know that the environment presents challenges to all functions, including yours. And with COVID-19 hitting, the key players within the life sciences industry who have stepped up to help in the efforts to secure a vaccine, run clinical trials, identify a...

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