Can't Switch Off? 15 Ways to Help Reduce Stress and Reconnect

Switching off can feel somewhat of a luxury when you’re an overthinker, but even for the most relaxed of us, COVID has presented us with a situation none of us were prepared for.

At the beginning of lockdown, there was an abundance of support and ideas - from Joe Wick’s PE workouts to working from home advice. New hobbies, new ways of working and a feeling of being in it together.   

We came out of lockdown and are now faced with the unfortunate ‘Hokey Cokey’ of changes. Are we in or out? How can we ensure we play our part and minimise ‘shaking it all about’? Add in the clocks going back in the UK, darker evenings and colder weather, its little wonder many of us feel are feeling demotivated and anxious, with switching off being an ongoing struggle.

Whether you’re working from home and finding your children off school again, you’re trying to run a business, you’re out of work and actively seeking work; or finding...

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Maintaining Career Momentum and Wellbeing During Uncertainty

adapting to change Mar 31, 2020

Originally written for Treasury Management Magazine in April 2020, this article provided insights and tips to maintain career momentum and wellbeing during uncertain times. Read directly on the magazine here.



The world around us has been turned upside down. The things that seemed important and critical have evaporated or been re-prioritised. The skills and experience needed to thrive in treasury, and in life, are being tested and questioned. Coronavirus, the pandemic that is leading to such uncertainty, has thrown us all a curveball. Much has changed and this uncertainty will continue for some time. Here, Michelle Yeoman, qualified executive coach and former HR Director, explains how we can manage our reactions in these unprecedented times.

1. Believe in your ability to adapt

The coronavirus pandemic, which is likely to be the crisis of our generation, also gives us the opportunity to adapt. Human beings are naturally creative, curious and adaptable. By adapting to a...

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